“When I moved to the Nashville area in 1998, I was leaving a very loving, close-knit church family and looked forward to finding a church home here. After visiting dozens of churches in the area, I settled into a lovely church with lively worship and powerful preaching, but it never felt like “home.”

Eventually, we regularly attended two more churches that were wonderful in their own way, but we never felt “at home” in them, either. Finally, our neighbor invited us to Bell Road Baptist Church. Immediately, my children and I all felt a difference. We were welcomed with open arms and open hearts. We heard inspired preaching straight from God’s Word. We felt AT HOME, and had truly found our CHURCH FAMILY.

We have found a place where our brothers and sisters in Christ share each other’s joys and burdens alike, without fear of rejection. My children became eager to be baptized. We are encouraged to share our God-given gifts, for His glory. We pray that others who are seeking will find the same joy in serving The Lord at Bell Road Baptist Church as we have.”

– Sandi Sprouse

“I remember attending Sunday school as a 5 year old. From that time on I attended several churches over the years. I started attending Bell Road Baptist in 1979, because someone asked if they could pick up my daughter for Sunday school. After a few Sundays I felt guilty for not taking her myself.

So I dropped her off for a while. I knew that I should be staying. Finally I started attending. The Holy Spirit was making His presence known to the fact I was afraid to go to sleep. What if I died before the morning, would I go to heaven? I rededicated by life and was baptized.

The Bible says to tithe, I had so many bills to pay, so I prayed, “When I get these bills paid down I will increase my offering so I can tithe.” Thanks to God I got two big raises within a few months.

My life really changed for the better, I no longer was afraid to go to sleep and was more satisfied. I no longer cared about going out on the week-ends. Became involved in church activities such as Sunday school, Worship services, Woman’s Missionary Union, Acteens, bowling, baseball, Vacation Bible School and teaching. I became a Deaconess in 1982.

Bell Road Baptist Church is located between 2 Interstates and many travelers stop. All guest are welcomed and we hope that they will return. God has been so good to me even when I had cancer because I knew that He was with me all the way, no matter what. I feel His comfort when I am sad or glad.”

– Darlina Wright